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October 29, 2010
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The Naiad Chronicles Chapter 1by spodmaster-spiff

Flash / Interactive©2010-2014 spodmaster-spiff
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: I suggest downloading.
I'm not a subscriber so i can't request critique. So you like/dislike the tone? Linework too thin? That sorta thing. It won't get better if you don't tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Well, here's chapter one, in all it's shanty glory.

NOTE: Some Moire because of resizing to fit the flash file. Also, I think all the pages work in the right order, but you never know...

Its an annoying compromise between ability and time. There's no point doing it totally badass and taking years on it, because I wont be able to produce it for fixed deadlines if I was ever published. And so I had to cut back on quality, but it means I could in theory produce 1 or 2 pages a day at this standard. Each page takes about 4 - 6 hours. It's currently lacking a little action but MEH. *dons shades*

I'll still be sending this off to publishers soon, but I've not got any high hopes for it. But it's worth a shot. If they say no, you try again later.

All these characters and things are mine, plz do not steals or I will inevitably cry.
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CynderSpyro-maniac Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
Even if you never hear from the publishers, I hope you will still upload these here!
spodmaster-spiff Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'll do something with them XD
Sleepyheadphone Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For a first story, this really isn't bad! It's pretty good actually. It's a pity that it's "only" black and white, but I know how awfully time consuming (and nerve-racking) colouring whole pages can be. So it's OK really.
The black and white technice could be a bit more smooth, I mean more smooth colours/shades of grey. One can really see the textures, and allthough I think this is intention, I like black and white more ... smooth, like I said. Not seeing textures this way. On the other hand, these are really the textures you see inside real comics or mangas, so it's also a way of practising with the given options if you know what I mean ;)
What you did very good is the storytelling and of course the expressions. Both together make a very vivd story, that's always good, because it makes the story fun to read and also easy to read. And the backgrounds are usually good too, you can draw grass very good. What I would make better are the houses, there cold be some more details on the houses. And the way you use effects and speedlines is also very good.

All in all for a first chapter it's very good! We can really expect great things from you!
spodmaster-spiff Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Aww thank you! Its nice to have some critique!

I agree with all of it! The textures do seem a bit harsh, but I've noticed a lot of the good manga artists on DA don't use manga studios, they use whatever program they're most comfortable with, like PS, and then just make thier own textures.
I've recently had a desire to start the manga again, but either in colour or photoshop textures, and see how it goes.

(I've been writing it as a novel. I'm currently up to page 249 XD)

And I've been practicing backgrounds a lot after doing this, hopefully I can do a bit more detail now...

ONWARDS AND UPWARDS. *blasts away*
Sleepyheadphone Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad you seem to agree with what I noticed! I actually have no idea how most maga artists on DA work, but I think one should use all the methods one is able to use. And most importantly the methods one is the most comfortable with. So just do your thing and it will turn out great! :)

So you write the story as a novel first? That's interesting, I'm not used to that method though I thought about it once or twice. Can you recomment it? What are in your opinion the advantages of it?
spodmaster-spiff Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Whatever's most comfortable is whatever works best, methinks X3

I don't usually type stuff out beforehand, I'm just having a shot at it to see if I could publish it as a written novel instead of as a graphic novel.
I'm not a brilliant author but not terrible either. It's quite humerous and chatty, which doesn't sit well with the high fantasy genre, but I sort of want to write it just for my own amusement. If I can finish it (I'm estimating it will be about 800 pages long when finished, and that's just book 1!) then I think I'll be pretty much set to try everything.
Sleepyheadphone Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tose are many pages O.o But I like chatty and humerous fantasy. It sure has something to it :)
spodmaster-spiff Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I like the Discworld novels, I think thats the best comparison.

Not in skill, just in light-hearted and humourousness.
Sleepyheadphone Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The discworld novels are a quite good example for that :3
spodmaster-spiff Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
And they're WIN!
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